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Tri Hair Care From The Institute Of Trichology

There are some basic needs in hair care that never change. They are timeless, classic - the need to cleanse, to control, to provide nutrition to enhance the hair's natural beauty. There are some basic answers to these needs. They are just as timeless, and classic. Tri Hair Care Products. Products that do precisely what they say they do, correcting and enhancing the texture and quality of the hair. We have a strong commitment to producing personal care products that have a beneficial effect on health and beauty. They are used in the finest salons for a very good reason - the finest results. We have always paid maximum attention to the efficacy and safety of the ingredients that comprise our formulations. Taking this concern into account early in the new product development process has kept us from using any environmentally questionable ingredients or animal testing during the research and development of our products. So, you can feel comfortable that the tri products you use are very safe for you and our environment, and yet have never been tested on animals.


Tri Structural Balance...NEW Hydrating Shampoo
Structural Balance Hydrating Shampoo is a unique, Sulfate-free shampoo that is formulated for daily use on all hair types to moisturize and correct structural imbalances in the hair. As it cleanses and moisturizes, it fortifies and protects the hair at the microscopic level. Through Structural Balance's patent-pending technology, it actually fortifies and rebalances the hair shaft with unprecedented Seek-and-Repair Action, creating uniform moisturization, strength and resiliency from the inside out, roots to end. Unlike other hair-repair shampoos, it restores hair to optimum health through a Unique Bonding System that prevents essential ingredients from washing out. Better Together... Daily Hydrating Conditioner is the perfect complimentary product to use immediately after the Hydrating Shampoo.



Tri Structural Balance...NEW Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector
Structural Balance Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protector is a unique reparative, daily-use shampoo that is scientifically formulated to repair hair and maintain hair color at the microscopic level, insuring longer lasting more vibrant color. As it cleanses, this Sulfate-Free formula is non abrasive to hair or hair color allowing the Sunflower Extract (contained in all Structural Balance products), combined with powerful antioxidants vitamin C & E to protect hair color from the sun's UV rays, eliminating a major contributor in making hair color fade. Structural Balance's patent-pending Seek and Repair technology delivers an extra potent boost of targeted natural ingredients right where they're needed most to prevent the dryness and breakage that can occur when hair is chemically stressed. Key ingredients bond in place, balancing inconsistencies in the hair restoring it to optimum health.



Tri Ecollogen Shampoo
Shampoo is a deceptively simple product, yet the differences between brands are much greater than you would imagine. Ecollogen's unique manufacturing process and combination of quality ingredients will repair and replenish the hair's protein structure. Proven to be immediately effective, we recommend it for all hair conditions.



Tri Jojoba Shampoo 32oz.
The perfect shampoo if your hair tends to be oily or if you need more body. We use pure jojoba oil, which has a chemical structure very similar to the hair's own natural sebum, to reduce the production of oil by the scalp. It's kind of like fighting fire with fire. Jojoba Shampoo Treatment will leave your hair velvety soft, clean and beautiful.



Tri Whole Wheat Shampoo
A wonderfully pure shampoo for all hair conditions. It's particularly good if you have ever permed or colored your hair. Whole Wheat Shampoo Treatment utilizes natural whole wheat protein for what chemists consider to be near-permanent conditioning effects. The end result is fuller, shiner hair - you'll love it.



Tri Moisturizing Shampoo
In the salon we need hair to look dazzling... hair that looks good right now! tri's new Moisturizing Shampoo does just that and more! In the development of tri's Moisturizing Shampoo, tri had specific objectives in mind: to deeply replenish hair with essential elements to moisturize, and restructure the hair while enhancing color and reducing color-fade. Moisturizing Shampoo is a radically new approach to professional shampoos. It provides slip to reduce tangles as it conditions to give instant good-looking hair. Moisturizing Shampoo adds vitality to the hair while protecting and providing restoration to highlighted, colored or permed hair. While color support is a strong feature in Moisturizing Shampoo, it doesn't mean that Moisturizing Shampoo is only for chemically treated hair. Moisturizing Shampoo is a general use shampoo serving the widest possible range of hair conditions. Moisturizing Shampoo is recommended for daily use.



Tri Structural Balance...NEW Daily Hydrating Conditioner
Structural Balance Daily Hydrating Conditioner with Color Protector is a rinse-out moisturizing conditioner that repairs hair as it restores shine; enhancing your hair's manageability while potecting hair color to insure vibrant, longer lasting color. Fromulated for daily use on all hair types. Daily Hydrating Conditioner relies on Structural Balance's Seek and Repair technology to target weakened areas of the hair and deliver moisturizers, conditioners and strengtheners right where they're needed most, without weighing hair down. Unlike other daily conditioners, it bonds essential natural ingredients to these weak and damaged areas, creating a new, ideally balanced hair structure. A built-in, Heat-activated, Thermal Protector seals the cuticle and enhances shine, while shielding the hair against damage from heat styling, and protecting hair color from fading.



Tri Structural Balance...NEW Dry Ends Corrector 4oz.
Structural Balance Dry Ends Corrector is a unique, creme product that smooths, moisturizes, repairs and seals the hair's dry, split ends. This convenient, leave-in product transforms dry, damaged split ends instantly, increasing shine and manageability. Especially formulated with Shea Butter for the immediate repair of damaged hair, it insures longer lasting color and makes any style look better by repairing and controlling stressed hair instantly with TRI's patent pending Seek and Repair system of restoring strength and manageability.


Tri Structural Balance...NEW Dry Ends Corrector
Structural Balance Hydrating Reconstructor with Color Protector, and patent pending Seek and Repair reparative system, is a deep-penetrating, long lasting treatment that provides the ultimate in serious hair repair, regardless of the hair type or the cause of damage. Hydrating Reconstructor delivers the maximum payload of proteins, moisturizers and strengtheners to the specific sites along the hair shaft and deep within its layers, where hair-repair ingredients bond in place. Drier, porous ends receive extra moisture, fragile areas are significantly fortified and the cuticle is smoothed and sealed. Whether hair is permed, staightened, color-treated, bleached, or damaged from heat or mechanical stress, it takes on new strength, elasticity, resilience and shine. The hair's inner structure is restored to optimum health with the first application.


Tri Structural Balance...NEW Leave-in Reconstructor
The convenient Structural Balance Leave-in Reconstructor spray instantly repairs, strengthens, detangles and moisturizes without weighing hair down or interfering with styling aids. Structural Balance's Seek and Repair technology delivers moisturizers, conditioners and strengtheners right where they're needed most. Unlike other daily conditioners, it bonds essential ingredients to weak and damaged areas, so they become part of the hair's new, ideally balanced structure. A built-in, Heat-activated, Thermal Protector seals the cuticle, enhancing shine while minimizing heat damage. Hair is left receptive to all styling aids and styling techniques.


Tri Unific Energy Moisturizer
Recognized world wide as the "minty green stuff". Unific Energy Moisturizer produces a tingling, cooling sensation as essential body nutrients are brought to the scalp's surface. Unific Energy Moisturizer penetrates deep into the hair shaft to align the cuticle, and rejuvenate elasticity.


Tri Whole Wheat Instant Conditioner 32oz.
Whole Wheat Instant Conditioner is a treatment for chemically damaged hair, but professional stylist went nuts for the product on all hair types. They found it to be quick and easy to use, just work it through the hair and rinse it out. What it gives the hair is manageability, because beautiful hair isn't beautiful unless it's under control.


Tri Moisturizing Conditioner
TRI's Moisturizing Conditioner was formulated to accompany the Moisturizing Shampoo, but can be used with any of our shampoos. Recommended for daily use. It works instantly; replenishing moisture and restoring elasticity to damaged hair. You will see why professionals love its instant detangling ability that also reflects shine and a healthy supple texture. You will notice that the product gives the hair great slip and substantial conditioned feel. This is an intense conditioner that will leave the hair refreshed and manageable with easy application and quick results. Just like its partner, Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner has a secondary responsibility to help seal in color. You will instantly appreciate the hair's closed cuticle alignment, enhancing shine. While Moisturizing Conditioner is extremely effective for color and chemically treated hair, it is a general use conditioner and that ideal choice for all hair types.


Tri Jojoba Hair & Scalp Conditioner
Being known as "a conditioner" has its disadvantages. You tend to think of it as only an after shampoo treatment that makes hair more manageable. Jojoba Hair & Scalp Conditioner is also an excellent porosity equalizer before chemical treatments. And, it puts real bounce back into old perms. Now, how do you fit all that into the word "conditioner"?


Tri Protein Bodifier 8oz.
Need body in your hair? Look no farther. Mist on wet hair and blow dry. You'll feel like your hair has doubled in volume. Bodifier also closes and aligns the cuticle layer, increasing the hair's shine. If you want the wet look just spray on Protein Bodifier Treatment and let your hair dry naturally.


Tri Chamomile pH Rectifier
A light leave-in-conditioner that adjusts hair to the natural pH balance. A must for people who swim in chlorinated water or in the ocean. Leaves hair shining and free of tangles, with super protection from fading on hair that has been colored or chemically abused. Just spray throughout hair and go about styling.


Tri Express Conditioning Detangler
Express Conditioning Detangler Express Conditioning Detangler uses conditioning elements to increase the slip of the hair and reduce friction. The result is fast detangling. This is different from tri's pH rectifiers, which close the cuticle to reduce the friction. After detangling with Express Conditioning Detangler you're left with a fast leave-in conditioner. The substantive elements in Express are soy and keratin protiens in a low solids system to prevent adding weight to the hairstyle. It's a simple idea to combine a detangler with a leave-in condidtioner, but the fine line between art and science comes into play when you try to keep the fomula light. It's that art that has made tri the biggest name in hair conditioning. Out test salons found that Express could be used to wrap perms and that it reduced the risk of color fading along with its two principal duties. And they told us that it didn't build up with everyday use.


Styling Products

Tri Body Infusion
The individual who most needs body in their hair could never use body building products. Everything was too heavy for ultra-fine hair, until Body Infusion. It's a revolutionary product. Body Infusion goes on while the hair is still damp. You simply mist the product over the hair from about 12 inches away. As you begin to blow dry the volume of the hair doubles, but you can't find the product in the hair. Body Infusion came about from some of the research for our top selling hair spray, Aerogel. The research involved the search for smaller and smaller resins to hold hair in place, similar to the resins used to add body to hair. The breakthrough occurred when we found a way to apply these resins to wet hair in an aerosol format. The aerosol application allows for the lightest layer of body enhancers imaginable. Body Infusion is one of the new generations of aerosol products. It's safe for the environment, but because of the strict environmental standards it meets, it has a very low level of alcohol. Body building products typically have alcohol to keep the ingredients mixed in solution. The Body Infusion are mixed in combination with water. So to keep the ingredients mixed, you need to shake in between each spray (shake-spray-shake-spray). When Body Infusion is sprayed onto the hair, you can hear the propellant evaporating out of the water droplets. It makes a snap-crackle-pop sound.


Tri Smooth and Straight
When your style calls for temporary straightening your professional tool is Smooth and Straight. The shape of the hair shaft determines its form and causes hair to be straight or curly. Straight hair has a round form. Wavy hair's form is oval. Curly to kinky hair is flat in shape. Smooth and Straight is a styling aid with the potential to work around some natural forms of the hair to give an appearance uncharacteristic of those forms, namely, straight, smooth hair. Smooth and Straight is applied to freshly washed, towel-dried hair. Rub a generous amount of the product between the palms and spread from roots to ends. Blow-dry the hair section by section using a large round brush. Apply constant tension to the hair during drying. You can also use Smooth and Straight to temporarily straighten permed hair. All the same application procedures are followed and the results can calm clients who received more curl than they imagined from the perming process. Frizz reduction is a natural by-product and benefit from the use of Smooth and Straight. The cuticle layer is closed by the thermal action of Smooth and Straight while blow-drying. During research and development of this product, test salons told us that they used Smooth and Straight to correct frizzed-out, straight hair. So, Smooth and Straight isn't just for your clients with curly hair.


Tri Bright Lights 6oz.
Light captures your attention. When hair glistens you can't help but notice it. Shiny hair is a symbol of health. We all want it and with Bright Lites we can all have it. Bright Lites makes having shiny hair easy. All you have to do is mist it lightly over your finished style from about 12 inches away. As soon as Bright Lites touches the hair it shines. Shiny hair looks healthy, but droopy hair doesn't. Using Bright Lites Spray for Shine you get the radiance without attracting moisture back into the hair. Bright Lites Spray is an aerosol pomade. Applying pomades to the hair requires great care. If you use too much pomade, you will overweight the hair. Bright Lites applies a fine layer of pomade over the entire surface of the hair. An Aerosol application is the most logical way to apply pomades since it leaves the pomade where it can be light reflective. Products that add shine are only useful where you can see the hair; they have no function inside the hairstyle. Bright Lites can also be used to reduce frizz. After cutting the hair, just before blow drying, mist the hair with Bright Lites. It will slow down-drying time slightly, but it will dramatically reduce frizz. Bright Lites acts to reduce sun damage and it contains a natural sunscreen. It reduces sun damage by helping to reflect light from the surface of the hair. But, for those rays that do penetrate, Bright Lites contains a sunscreen element, octyl methoxycinnamate, and an ingredient from cinnamon leaves.



Tri Fashion Styling Mousse
A "staple" in the stylist's bag of tricks. Used to create styles and body in impossible hair conditions. Many thought the foam was a gimmick, but experience has shown that the mousse helps to move the resins in place to support the style; it's fun too. But, when your hair seriously needs body, this is a serious solution.


Tri Gel Spray
The lightest possible application of gel, and it's alcohol free. In styling situations that call for gel support with a touch, what could be better than a spray-on application? You get an even distribution of the product all over the hairstyle. Gel Spray is wonderful for curl definition and hold.


Tri Sculpture Styling Gel
Light and strong, a gel that won't flake in your hair. If your style demands real structure, then only a gel will do. Sculpture Styling Gel is phenomenally supportive, that's why it has become a standard tool of today's stylist. Sculpture Styling Gel allows the hair real freedom of movement.


Tri Shape and Shine
Shape and Shine is a firm holding styling aid that doubles as a shine pomade. At first glance it looks like wax-style pomade. Take a closer look and you'll see that this creamy formula is a much easier spreading. Once Shape and Shine is in the hair you're the master, the hair is at your command. Shape and Shine is perfect for all those wispy little effects that make hair look loose and hip when it wants to lay flat. Think of it for wavy, thick hair with unusual growth patterns that tend to go wild. Shape and Shine is all about control. The more Shape and Shine you use on a style the more control you'll have to keep the style in place. If you want to hold the direction or to add emphasis to the line you've cut in the hair, use a lot. If you're looking to create piecy separation, just apply it to random sections. By now it's clear that Shape and Shine is a powerful styling aid that can control both curly and straight hair. It can give slicked back effects or it can be gentle and used to simply reduce frizz and flyaway. In the tri product line this is the styling aid with the most holding power, it is above our Sculpture Styling Gel. The other half of Shape and Shine is the shine. It improves the overall appearance of the hair with light-grabbing elements that stay in the hair all day long. You can use it to give natural looking luster throughout the hair or you can highlight little sections at a time. Just pinch a section of hair and run the product down to the ends.


Tri Texture Styling Creme
Texture Styling Creme instantly gives control to the style and makes frizz disappear. It adds texture and substance to the hair, yet it is surprisingly weight-free. This styling aid can also be used as a pomade. As a pure styling creme, this versatile product will allow you to slick back heads in one step, instead of using several styling aids. It is the perfect product to produce textured pompadours for men and women. Texture Styling Creme can be used to create the "dirty hair" look, or to soften shapes with good separation. It will make curly, coarse and frizzy hair feel soft again.


Tri Electri-Therm Control
Just call it "TC". This spray detangles like mad, and leaves your hair shiny after blow drying. It also protects the hair from styling tools that use heat - that's where the name "Electi-Therm Control" came from. It does all this work on the hair by adjusting the hair's pH back to normal. This closes the cuticle layer and stops split ends.


Tri Aerogel 11oz.
Searching for the ultimate hair styling aid? One product to replace the five it's taking you to create your current look? You've been looking for Areogel. It's a hair spray in a gel base. It works as a fixative, gel spray and root lifter all in one. Aerogel turns every design idea into natural looking reality!


Tri Aero Straight
AEROSTRAIGHT Spray smoothes and straightens hair, banishing frizz and flyaways under every weather condition. With thermal-activated style memory, it's ideal for scalp-to-end smoothing, concentrated spot control, or use with setting tools or irons to create sleek movement. Special body-boosting ingredients add energy and volume to fine hair.


Tri Aero Curl 7.6 oz
$13.00 $11.50 On Sale!
AEROCURL Curl Enhancing Spray shapes and defines natural or permed-in curl while enhancing color and adding radiant shine. Special conditioning ingredients and a heat activated thermal protector create lustrous, highly polished, silky soft styles. From jumbo curls to twisted tendrills, you get remarkable curl and color enhancement with added UV protection.


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