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Bleaches, Toners, Color Removers, & Foils

Note: All hair color, bleach items listed on this site are professional items. They do not include developer or detailed instructions. Please consult a stylist before using. Consumers are responsible for knowing how to use the products ordered. WebBeautyStore.com is not responsible or liable for any mis-use of of the products, or un-desirable results, due to the use of products ordered. Upon processing an order on this site, above terms have been agreed upon by the customer.
Thank you for your understanding.

Clairol BW2
An advanced, de-dusted extra strength powder lightener for maximum off-the-scalp lightening. Contains humectants to minimize powder flyaway.



Clairol Basic White
An extra strength powder lightener for off-the-scalp lightening.



Clairol BW2000 Lightening Concentrate
Features: Enriched with wheat germ oil, Dust-free formula improves salon environment, Pleasant, fresh fragrance, Highly concentrated in small container, Light, foamy consistency is easy to apply.


L'Oréal Quick Blue
A fast and effective high-performance powder bleach. Very easy to use.


Wella Fashion Frost
An off-scalp powder bleach that is highly concentrated and economical to use with 1 to 1 mix ratio. Produces a mild, creamy consistency that stays moist during the entire development time. Dedusted.

16 oz.--$14.95

Wella Wellite Powder Lightener
Is perfect for creating all your blonde looks in a fast-acting dust free powder. This superior, mild formula contains mineral oil so it remains super-moist during processing. Used for both on and off-the-scalp lightening and highlighting. Excellent for color removal or color correction.


Clairol Born Blonde Toner
A no-peroxide, no-ammonia color for use on pre lightened and highlighted hair. Great for clients with sensitive scalps. Also provides delicate blonde color when mixed with peroxide. 6oz. size.

351 Silent Snow--$10.95

355 Blissfully Blonde--$10.95

356 Innocent Ivory--$10.95

357 Beautiful Beige--$10.95

358 Winsome Wheat--$10.95

361 Happy Honey--$10.95

367 Fresh Frost--$10.95

Color Balance Crystals 12pk.--$8.95

Dennis Bernard TCA
The Color Accelerator 1.25 oz.
A non-irritating hair color additive which consists of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Allows you to process any hair color or bleach in just a few minutes while conditioning and eliminating fadeout. Comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle that allows you to count applications drops for consistent results. Approx. 55 applications per bottle.

TCA 1.25oz.--$32.95

Dennis Bernard TCA2 Assist 4 oz.
Provides quicker hair color coverage for super resistant root/regrowth areas, hairlines and resistant trouble spots.

TCA2 4oz.--$34.95

Dennis Bernard The Color Stain Remover TCS 10 oz.
Prevents and removes haircolor staining. Also works well on clothing and work surfaces.

TCS 10oz.--$14.95

Metropolis Prima-Tint 10 oz.
Is an all-natural, advanced stain that removes hair color from skin, clothing, work surfaces and nail cuticles. Use before hair color processing to protect hairline from stains. Use after service to remove excess color from skin and clothing. Non irritating. No harmful chemicals. No oily residue. Biodegradable.

Prima-Tint 10oz.--$14.95

Metropolis Level Out 6 oz.
Lifts 1 to 1 1/2 levels of hair color per application. Correct or remove unwanted or excess hair color. Also corrects unexpected color reactions. The odorless, foolproof formula contains no bleach, ammonia, harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. Provides 3-6 treatments, depending upon hair length.

Level Out 6oz.--$14.95

L'Oréal Colorzap Color Remover Kit
Ideal for color correction. Removes unwanted dark shade, color build-up, muddy or uneven results. Gently washes away all permanent hair color and leaves hair ready for immediate re-coloring in the shade of your choice.


L'Oréal Effasol Permanent Hair color Remover Packette
Washes away permanent hair color, leaving hair ready for recoloring. No pre-shampooing.

7/8oz. Packette--$5.95

Color Trak Caddy
Is the first portable multi-tracking system for hair color! Designed for use with one, two or three color bowls, the Caddy fits on rollabouts and carts, or any flat surface at least 8" x 8". Includes: 3 Bowls, 3 Brushes, Portable Caddy and Clear Tote Bag.

Color Caddy--$11.95

New!! Ready to Use Pop-Up Professional Foil Silver 500-ct.. Sized for salon use. No more cutting. Saves time. Leave at workstation for rapid fingertip use. 5" x 11".

5" x 11" Foil--12.95

5 boxes 5" x 11" Foil--49.95

Diamond Cut Professional Foil 200-ct.
With pop-up dispensing box. 8" x 10 3/4".

Diamond Foil--$8.95

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