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hairdo by Jessica Simpson change your style when You want

View your styles below

Hairdo Clip-in hair extensions from HairUWear—created by celebrity stylist Ken Paves, are the very same styles Jessica Simpson wears every day. From red carpet events to magazine covers or a paparazzi filled trip to the supermarket, Ken’s unique ability to bring out every woman’s individual beauty has A list celebrities relying on him for their world class looks and now he brings the same expertise to you. He’s made it so easy; you just clip these hair extensions in and go. Jessica Simpson changes her hair in minutes and looks fabulous, now you can too. Change your hair as often as you change your mind with Hairdo Clip-in Hair Extensions!

These extensions are synthetic, they can be washed, but they CANNOT have any heat (blow dryers, hot air brushes, curling irons, straightening irons).

Choose your Colors.

Hairdo products are listed by color.
Choices are:
10" or 22" straight extensions, or 15" or 23" wavy extensions. These extensions are synthetic, they can be washed, but they CANNOT have any heat (blow dryers, hot air brushes, curling irons, straightening irons).

Human Hair is avaiable, at the bottom of the page, in 21" length which you CAN dye, curl or perm.

Chestnut 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Chestnut 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Chestnut 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Chestnut 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Glazed Strawberry 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Glazed Strawberry 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Glazed Strawberry 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Glazed Strawberry 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Ginger Brown 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Ginger Brown 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Ginger Brown 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Ginger Brown 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Dark Auburn 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Dark Auburn 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Dark Auburn 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Dark Auburn 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Chocolate Copper 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Chocolate Copper 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Chocolate Copper 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Chocolate Copper 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Ebony 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Ebony 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Ebony 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Ebony 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Ginger Blonde 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Ginger Blonde22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Ginger Blonde 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Ginger Blonde 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Swedish Blonde 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Swedish Blonde 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Swedish Blonde 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Swedish Blonde 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Dark Chocolate 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Dark Chocolate 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Dark Chocolate 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Dark Chocolate 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Golden Wheat 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Golden Wheat 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Golden Wheat 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Golden Wheat 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Honey Ginger 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Honey Ginger 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Honey Ginger 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Honey Ginger 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Midnight Brown 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Midnight Brown 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Midnight Brown 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Midnight Brown 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Buttered Toast 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Buttered Toast 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Buttered Toast 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Buttered Toast 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Dark Copper 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Dark Copper 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Dark Copper 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Dark Copper 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Sandy Blonde 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Sandy Blonde 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Sandy Blonde 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Sandy Blonde 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

Golden Walnut 10" Straight Extension--$75.95

Golden Walnut 22" Straight Extension--$85.95

Golden Walnut 15" Wavy Extension--$75.95

Golden Walnut 23" Wavy Extension--$85.95

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