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Professional Spa &

Personal Spa Equipment!!

We are committed to bringing the best quality Professional Grade Spa products available on the market to day, for both the Professional and Home user, ensuring the Ultimate Spa experience wherever your Spa is located.

Premium Electric Chair with 3 motors
wood trimming on the side w / removable head rest. Supports 350 lbs, stool included

Electric Chair--$1899.95

Electric Chair with 3 motors
removable head rest. Supports 350 lbs, stool included

Electric Chair--$1799.95

Facial Oxygen Unit
Incl. hand nebulizer, oxygen tubing, oxygen activator, US Made (57 lbs)

This powerful unit delivers up to 90% pure oxygen by harvesting from the ambient air, using a specialized patented filtration system, creating a constant supply of oxygen whenever you need it. The facial oxygen unit is ideal for accelerating healing after micro-dermabrasions, laser treatments, or it can be charged just as a stand alone treatment. Comes complete with oxygen system, hand nebulizer, tubing and oxygen activator. (Contains all necessary vitamins, and aminio-acids the skin needs to replenish and restore itself.).

Oxygen Purifier--$1999.95

8 in 1 Facial Care Unit
39.4”H x 26”W x 20.1”D (60 lbs)

Includes: • Vacuum • Spray • High Frequency • Brush • Galvanic • Magnifying Lamp • Woods Lamp • Facial Ozone Steamer

8 in 1 Facial Unit--$1199.95

10 in 1 Facial Care Unit
39.4”H x 29.5”W x 22.4”D (65 lbs)

Includes: • Vacuum • Spray • High Frequency • Brush • Galvanic • Magnifying Lamp • Facial Ozone Steamer • Hot Towel Cabi • Aroma Therapy

10 in 1 Facial Unit--$1399.95

13 in 1 Facial Care Unit
39.4”H x 29.5”W x 22.4”D (70 lbs)

Includes: • Vacuum • Spray • High Frequency • Brush • Magnifier • Ozone Steamer • Galvanic • Aroma Therapy • Hot Towel Cabi • Towel Basin • Ultrasonic • Hot / Cold Hammer • Woods Lamp • Diamond Micro DermabrasionMicro Current Skin Lifting System

13 in 1 Facial Unit--$3499.95

Micro Current Skin Lifting System
The Micro Current Machine has two important functions during a facial treatment. Its main function is to introduce water-soluble products into the skin. When using Biowave, there are two poles, negative(-) and positive(+). Microcurrent enhances the ability of active molecules to penetrate the skin surface. Its benefits are wide and far-reaching: it increases the skin’s absorption capacity, minimizes wrinkles, and normalizes the skin.

Micro Current System--$1499.95

Crystal Micro Dermabrasion Unit

Crystal Micro Dermabresion Unit--$2499.95

Aroma Herbal Ozone Steamer w / Basket
Add any of your favorite oils or herbs to begin doing aroma therapy 30 min. steam

Aroma Herbal Ozone Steamer--$324.95

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New--Professional Spa &
Personal Spa Products

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