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We have put together the top Brands of Ethnic Hair Care Products for your convenience of use at home.

The #1 selling Ethnic Hair Color in the US.
Permanent shampoo-in hair color
Ultra rich conditioning system
Contains NO drying alcohol
One application kit contains; Moisturizing hair color, maximum moisturizing developer crème, conditioning shampoo, ultra cholesterol conditioning treatment, instructions and plastic gloves:

31 Men Jet Black--$5.45

32 Men Naturalt Black--$5.45

34 Beard Jet Black--$5.45

35 Beard Natural Black--$5.45

371 Jet Black--$5.45

372 Natural Black--$5.45

373 Natural Sable--$5.45

374 Rich Auburn--$5.45

375 Sunset Auburn--$5.45

376 Autumn Red--$5.45

377 Light Brown--$5.45

378 Honey Blonde--$5.45

379 Golden Blonde--$5.45

380 Chestnut Blonde--$5.45

381 Spice Cinnamon--$5.45

382 Minight Blue--$5.45

383 Black Ruby--$5.45

384 Lt. Golden Blonde--$5.45

385 Copper--$5.45

386 Mocha Brown--$5.45

391 Radiant Black--$5.45

392 Edobe Brown--$5.45

393 Dazzling Auburn--$5.45

394 Vibrant Plum--$5.45

395 Natural Black--$5.45

396 Brown Cinnamon--$5.45

Dark & Lovely Relaxer Kit
For soft, silky-straight hair
No lye, vitamin enriched
Kit contains relaxer, activator, neutralizing shampoo, leave-in conditioner, Pre relaxer treatment

Warnings & Precautions:
Follow directions carefully to avoid skin and scalp burns, hair loss and eye injury. Do not use if scalp is irritated or injured. Do not use on bleached hair or on permanently colored hair which is breaking, splitting or otherwise damaged. If the hair has been previously relaxed, apply only to new growth as described in the directions. Do not use on hair that has been treated with Ammonium Thioglycolate. If relaxer causes skin or scalp irritation, rinse out immediately and consult a physician. If relaxer or activator gets into the eyes, rinse immediately and consult a physician. If relaxer or activator is swallowed, do not induce vomiting, consult a physician immediately.

Keep out of reach of children.

Regular Relaxer Kit--$9.45

Plus Relaxer Kit--$9.45

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